e-Campaign QuickStart Tutorial

e-Campaign is easy-to-use mailing list software. This tutorial is intended to quickly familiarize you with e-Campaign. Pay special attention to circled areas.

Step1: Configure e-Campaign

Click menu Edit | Global Settings. In the dialog below,
1) Specify default sender information
2) Specify your preferred email delivery method: Via an SMTP server (recommended), or Direct Sending(via the built-in SMTP server.)

Note: if your ISP/firewall blocks TCP port 25, the Direct Sending method won't work.

If you select "Send via an SMTP server", you also need to click the ellipsis button and enter your SMTP username and password:

SMTP account info: username and password

Step2: Create a new mailing job

Click File | New Mailing Job to create a new mailing job.
The window below will be filled with the default information you specified in Step 1.

Email sender info

Specify a mailing list file here

Specify a mailing list file on the above window, then click "Next". This will bring up the Message Composer (as in Step 3).

Step3: Edit email message with message Composer

On Tab 1 on the top panel: select your mailing list file and enter email subject. e-Campaign supports mailing lists delimited by commas, tabs, or semicolons. Please click here for information on how to create a mailing list.

You can edit your HTML message using the Message Composer, or import an HTML file from your computer or the Web

On Tab 2 on the top panel: The email sender information can be modified from this tab.

You can change the email sender information on this tab

After you finish editing your email, to save it, you should press the OK button on the Message Composer.

Step4:Send email

Return to the main window, select your mailing job. Then click the Start Mailing button to begin your emailing.

Tool Buttons:
     Preview the mailing job    Send the mailing job
     Duplicate the mailing job    Edit the message

Mailing Job Indicators:
   job running    job finished    job stopped (unfinished)    job scheduled


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